Productguide peelable protective films

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4 products for a wide range of protection applications.

Omniguard is applied with an airless paint spray machine, a paintbrush or a roller and protects precious surfaces, such as glass and concrete, against damages and filthiness during the total construction phase, or for industrial puposes. When the protection is no longer needed, the Omniguard protective film is easily removed in one go like a plastic film.

polyane projeté avec airless graco, titan ou wagner

Protect windows

polyane de protection pelable pour béton, préfab et menuiserie

Protect aluminium, pvc and glass windows until the end of the construction phase. Read more.



graco airless pour la protection de Omniguard film ou polyane de protection

Protect concrete

beton ou prefab protégé par polyane ou film de protection pelable

Protect concrete surfaces during the construction phase.
Read more.


Protect machinery

Keep your machines as good as new and avoid labour-intensive cleaning costs.

Prevent corrosion

Prevent the formation of corrosion on uncoated steel surfaces with this special version of Omniguard protective film. Read more.