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  • Hevadex is founded in 2009 and is located in Ghent (Belgium).
  • Hevadex has developed Blowerproof airtight coatings, and has started to manufacture Blowerproof in 2012.
  • In Belgium, Hevadex also offers airtightness works through its sister company Hevadex Applications bvba. This gives us lots of practical experience how to reach passive airtightness levels and how to solve specific airtightness problems of clients whichever building method is used.
  • For our complete products range: www.hevadex.be 

Our mission and priorities:

  • Our mission
    • Manufacturing innovative coatings to make building more ecologic and efficient.
  • Our priorities
    • To turn the wishes and problems of our clients to solutions.
    • To supply products which solve problems of clients and which have been thoroughly tested on jobsites before bringing these to market, including independent test certificates from organisations such as BBA, BBRI, Exova. 
    • Continuous striving for product improvements based on the experiences of our own applications company in Belgium, as well as based on the remarks and ideas of our clients. 
    • Continuus monitoring of the motivation of our employees, and striving for maximum commitment of our employees.
    • Creating added value for our share holders.
  • The board of Hevadex is engaged to:
    • Regularly judge our ISO quality control system in place and improve where needed.
    • Continuously evaluate the context of the Hevadex organisation and adapt where needed.
    • Impose goals and targets which are realistic but ambitious, and which can be measured.