Protect valuable surfaces against damage with OMNIGUARD

OMNIGUARD coating dries to a durable and peelable protection film.

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4 products for a wide range of protection applications.

Omniguard is applied with an airless paint spray machine, a paintbrush or a roller and protects precious surfaces, such as glass and concrete, against damages and filthiness during the total construction phase, or for industrial puposes. When the protection is no longer needed, the Omniguard protective film is easily removed in one go like a plastic film.


Protect your glass windows against damage and filthiness till the end of the construction.
Protect concrete surfaces against damage and filthiness till the end of the construction.
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Protect bathroom fixtures like bathtubs or shower trays against damage.
Omniguard also offers protection for various types of machinery in production factories.
Prevent corrosion from occurring on metal surfaces. Remove the foil when no longer needed.

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